Mother's love means God's grace
Mother’s love means God’s grace

I am from a middle class family I have always seen difficulties and also faced problems. My father used to do private job, he did not have any government job, so many times he had to travel far and wide to earn money. I used to go out of Rajasthan to India and other places and go in search of good job to earn more money, although his job was fine, but since he was not satisfied, he used to live but his needs were fulfilled. From the education of children and other expenses, there was a lack of money, that’s why they were not happy with their jobs, they wanted more money, which their Seth was not giving, my mother always faced difficulties. Different types of difficulties come in the middle class family, only a person from a middle class family who does not have any government job or big business, how is his life officer, his condition can be understood by someone like him. Apart from raising our three children, the mother also gives them full attention and work. Apart from this, she used to make some money for household expenses by sewing clothes for people in her spare time, but when that too ends, she does not know when she could not even spend her hard earned money for herself because there is too much to run the family. Wanted all the money that both of them were not able to raise even together, to say that we were living in a good city like Jaipur but nothing was happening according to our needs, then my maternal uncle died suddenly due to heart failure and We had to return to our village Jalore in Rajasthan itself.

We have a big house in our village, after the death of uncle, we started living in our father’s village, mother gets better living with less money, there is no need to pay much money for studies, fees in private schools in cities There is not so much in the village, the cost of eating the rent of the house and many other expenses are done in very less money in the village, so my mother thought that why should not we stay in the village, my father likes it more. Didn’t come but nothing happened in front of mother’s insistence, we were living in the village, everything was going well. I went to look for cows in the village, my father was a well-educated person to look for cows of good breed, he thought that if he builds a small cowshed, then sells the milk of cows, then he will be able to earn good money and service will also be done. He thought of opening a gaushala, the suggestion was good, so the mother did not even refuse, he was on tour for 15 days. To find the good breed of cows, other people of the village were also involved in this, to support Papa, to spend money for him, that is why Papa had decided very thoughtfully that he would also serve the cows by opening a cowshed. Will earn more money too, my mother was raising three of us children, does all the household chores alone, apart from that, whenever she gets time, she gives it by sewing clothes for others, we people who earn only a little, yet our own small world I was very happy my mother used to cook food on the stove to save gas and where she had to spend ₹ 5, she used to do the work in ₹ 2, despite many problems, there is no dearth of love for the three of us, my father. Went on tour, he was not at home for 15 days, I was also waiting for him to return, when my father returned, when the work of our cowshed would start and when our life should come on an easy path and all our needs are met We three brothers and sisters should have good education and our future path can be easy, she was thinking a lot about us, she had many dreams, my people The day had come, on January 20, I called my father on that day by putting a coin of ₹ 1 at that time there was an STD booth which was installed at different places, near our house there was also an identity phone house, which means that the STD booth was there. But a brother used to sit, his number was near my father, my father had called on him, he remembered my birthday, brother with STD phone came to call me when Papa’s call came, I talked to my father for five to 10 minutes and Touching his feet, said in the phone that when will you come, I am waiting for you, I also had mehndi in my hands because that day was my birthday I said that we are all waiting for you, you come early, he also replied that he is very Coming early i.e. tomorrow on the night of 21st January and this fact is also true by 5:00 pm on the very next day my father had come home.

That day we made dal dhokli at home, this is my second post, I have told completely that I lost my beloved father the very next day of my birthday, one is mine and the other post you can read my mother who that she was waiting for her husband for 15 days, today her wait is over, when my father came, I saw a gleam in his eyes, he seemed happy, we were joking and talking amongst ourselves, papa ko dal dhokli something I did not like much, so I had made bread for them, after serving them food, we also sat down to eat, everyone ate together laughing and joking, we were eating and then after washing the dishes, etc. Mother made beds for everyone We were going to sleep I was doing my college project work Both my brothers went to sleep Mother was brushing on the bed Papa lay down comfortably on the bed for a while Then all of a sudden, there was a slight pain in his chest, standing up from the bed, I also looked at him and asked what happened, Papa, then he said that he meant him. I was not told, he looked at me, I also saw that his breathing was getting faster and faster, meaning he was breathing very fast, he started breathing very fast, he started having a lot of problem in breathing, he said that I have to go to the washroom. He kept his hand on his chest. After coming from the washroom, he fell there. I went here and there to collect some familiar people because I did not know what was happening to him. My mother said that go soon. Call someone from here so that we can go to the doctor, I ran early to forget someone and I saw our relatives who came along with two or four people, when my father calmed down till you, I thought that They might have been fine, a car came in front of our house, Papa was laid in it to take him to the hospital and took him to the hospital, after some time the car came back again and we all came to know that my father was forever All of us had left because of heart failure, my father was called by God to him forever, my mother who She had been waiting for the return of her husband for 15 days, who had not even talked to her father yet and he left her and went away forever, the wait was over, all the things ended with her death, all the hopes of the mother All dreams, all hopes, all complaints, everything is over with great difficulty, he took care of himself and raised us up For what sin did she commit, due to which she got such a big punishment, if a wife is waiting for her husband for 15 days and does not get time to talk to him and her husband goes like this, then on a woman There is no thought of what goes through, so with courage, he raised himself by taking care of himself, thank him as much as we thank him or rather, we cannot repay his favor even by dying, which is proud of my mother and will always be.

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