This is my first novel which I wrote in 2019 but I was not able to understand in which language I should write it, so I thought I have to write it in Hindi language. I wrote my first novel in Hindi language.
This story is about two amazing children who have eight types of genes.
Those children have the qualities of eight unique species. Along with being human, they can also change their appearance like eight other unique animals.
This novel is full of mystery, thrill and danger, but still it sets such an example of humanity that everyone will be surprised to see and hear it. No one has written a novel like this before, no one would have thought of it before.
This story is about two small children, a boy and a girl. Their appearance, color and style are all unique. This novel is full of dangers, mystery and romance.
You will easily get this novel on online stores like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. If you people want to know more about this novel, then please comment so that I can share this novel with you.
I want to share this novel with all of you so that you can also know which are the qualities of those eight species of children who, along with being humans, can eat like animals And can go to any extent to save the human species from threats or if you want to know about them then please do comment.Actually, in this story, these two children are born during a scientific research, which are hidden with great difficulty, but still ultimately their truth comes out, but how is a matter of knowing.
How did both of us children save their lives and who was the one who saved them? What was their appearance and color and what were their eight qualities? This is the secret that you should know.I hope that you will like this novel very much and it will also inspire me to come up with more such novels. This story is very inspiring.When I wrote this story, I did not think that I would be able to write it well. It was my first novel, so I was very nervous, but still when I completed this novel, I became very happy that When I completed this story, I have written many article blocks on blogger. I am sharing the link of my blogger for you.
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