Income tax raid has ruined the tobacco executive band The IT raid on Banshidhar Company of UP Kanpur shook everyone.Income Tax Department raids in five states including UP The company was accused of large-scale tax evasion, including GST. Many Koreans came forward. 20 IT teams conducted raids.Along with tax evasion, cash worth crores of rupees, luxury cars and any important documents were recovered.Rs 7 crore recovered in 2 days

A collection of vehicles worth more than Rs 50 crore was recovered. What is the secret of vehicle number 4018?Got so much money that IT members got tired of counting.The whereabouts of black cooking business revealed The location of tobacco king’s black business came to light K.K. Mishra is the owner of the black business of Tobacco King.
Many luxury vehicles with VIP numbers recovered After all, the reason behind the number of every vehicle being 4018 has not been revealed, although the investigation is still going on. 20 IT teams are engaged in raids in five different states and huge amount of money has been seized in them.There has been tax evasion. After all, what is the secret of such a big black business that till now it has not been revealed that how did all this continue for so long? Is he alone or are there other people with him and if yes then how many?A common man works hard to earn money and run his own household, but here it is strange to hear that such a huge collection of vehicles was recovered from a tobacco merchant’s house. Everyone was surprised. Wondering where did so much money come to a tobacco merchant’s house?There are so many drug addicts in our country, drug addiction has spread badly all over the country, it is because of drug addiction that businessmen are in trouble these days. These are the kind of people who are hollowing the country from within.When it comes to light, it surprises us that such a huge amount of money laundering has been linked to the tobacco business.How the empire was running smoothly till now without any information. After all, who could be involved in this? The investigation of the IT team is still going on and soon it will be known who all are involved in all this.

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