Lord Shiva the destroyer

Lord Shiva the destroyer

This year it is Mahashivratri

Start of Falgun Krishna Chaturdashi Tithi – It will start on March 08 at 09:57 pm.
End of Phalgun Krishna Chaturdashi Tithi – March 9 till 06:17 pm
Date- 8 March 2024

What is the full form of God?

In our scriptures, Lord Brahma has been called the creator of all, he is like the father of all, he is the one who creates everything.He has created the entire universe, He is the generator, first and last.This means that this English word ‘G’ represents Lord Brahma.

Lord of the entire creation

Lord of the entire creation

about lord vishnu

Lord Vishnu takes charge of the entire creation. It is his job to decide how the creation should run. It is the job of Lord Vishnu to decide the actions of everyone according to their deeds. Lord Vishnu decides who will do what work.Lord Vishnu is the operator of nature and preserves it. Lord Vishnu decides how to behave according to the deeds of the living beings.

those who run the world

creator of creation

Lord Mahesh the destroyer of all

According to the beliefs of Hindu religion, it is believed that when God created the universe, Brahma ji said that he will create the universe and Lord Vishnu will have to take charge of everything And Lord Mahesh will destroy everyone in the end.

By Lord Mahesh I mean Lord Shiva, he has thousands of names, one of which is this name. The glory of Lord Shiva has been explained well in Shiva Mahima.Lord Shiva is a very easily pleased god. If someone worships him with a true heart, he becomes happy very quickly and grants the desired boon to his devotees.By his wish, we achieve everything that we ever thought, that is why in Hindu religion, we try to please Lord Shiva by fasting on the day of Shivratri so that every kind of poverty is removed from the house.

Although people keep fast the whole day to please Lord Shiva, but on this day Lord Shiva becomes very happy by offering Bilva leaves to Lord Shiva. On the day of Mahashivratri, Jalabhishek of Lord Shiva And Abhishek is done with milk, which means they are worshipped, worship is done by great pundits.

Mahashivratri is considered very auspicious in Hindu religion, hence every effort is made to please Lord Shiva on this day.Lord Shiva is worshiped with many types of flowers, fruits, leaves, Bilva leaves, Bang Dhatura, Abir, Gulal, Chandan etc.They are also anointed with pure cow’s milk, curd and ghee.It is said that whoever pleases Lord Shiva by worshiping him and doing puja, all his bad works get resolved. Lord Shiva helps him in every way and gives him achievements so that we can overcome all kinds of problems.

The destroyer

The destroyer God Shiva

The destroyer

The destroyer God Shiva

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