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How is Shivratri fast observed?

Wake up early in the morning, take bath, meditate and take a resolution to fast by lighting a lamp in the home temple.  After this, worship Lord Shiva methodically and take a resolution to fast by lighting a lamp.  By doing this Lord Shiva is pleased.  Along with this, go to the temple today and perform Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva.

How does Shiva become happy?

Lord Shiva has also been called Bholenath. To please him, one does not have to do much penance. He becomes happy with just a little devotion of his devotees.To please Lord Shiva, it is important for a person to be good at heart and not to remain hungry and thirsty the whole day. Lord Shankar reads the minds of the devotees. Man gets fruits only according to his faith and devotion. If you do not have much strength then you can fast even after eating fruits once.Even if you are sick, taking medicine, you can please Lord Shiva by eating some fruits or fasting things once. Lord Shiva is the first god to be happy with his devotees.

As you all know that there is a story in Shiv Purana that a poor low caste man who used to feed his family by hunting, was sitting on a tree waiting for The victim did not know that today was Shivratri. There was a Shivalinga under the tree on which he was sitting.He had brought a water bottle to drink, a little water came out of it and started falling on the Shivalinga, it continued to fall on the Shivalinga in the same way throughout the night. The tree on which he was sitting was That tree was a Bilva Patra tree and due to its shaking, the leaves broke and fell on Shivling and knowingly or unknowingly he worshiped Lord Shiva. By offering Bilva Patra and water to Lord Shiva, the poor man worshiped Lord Shiva became very happy And suddenly she appeared in front of that man and And those who say, tell me son, what boon do you want, I will give you whatever you ask for.I, the poor man, became very happy and said that I don’t need anything, I have seen you, understand that I have got everything.But still God gave him everything that he had ever seen in his dreams. He gave him wealth, son, wife and all the happiness. He told the people how on the day of Shivratri, he unknowingly got worshipped, then Lord Shiva Being pleased, he gave him everything that he had seen in his dreams. From that day onwards he became a great devotee of Lord Shiva and he left hunting and adopted the path of devotion. This is the glory of Lord Bholenath.That is why it is said that God There is no need to be very sad to be happy, the worship done with true love and heart is accepted by God and grants the desired boon.

After all, what are the things that Lord Shiva takes in Prasad?

The most beloved thing of Lord Shiva is Bilva Patra, after that he likes sweets made from hemp, datura, flower leaves and cow’s milk, cow’s milk and ghee with which he is anointed, apart from this, Panchamrit is given to Lord Shiva I like Panchamrit very much. To make Panchamrit, very good curd is required.Panchamrit is made by mixing sugar candy, ghee, milk, honey and Ganga water in curd. Tulsi leaves are not added in it because Lord Shiva is very irritated with Tulsi, after all, why Lord Shiva does not accept Tulsi leaves?I will tell you the story of why Lord Shiva never accepts Tulsi leaves tomorrow. Don’t forget to read my posts. If you like my posts, please leave a small comment.

Shiva the destroyer

What not to do on Shivratri

On the day you observe fast on Shivratri, you should keep chanting the mantra of Om Namah Shivay throughout the day.By chanting Om Namah Shivay Mantra, all the sins of a person are removed and he becomes free from sins. This mantra is a seed mantra which no one tells which is going to give all the achievements.Those observing fast of Lord Shiva should not do evil to anyone and should stay away from alcohol and non-vegetarian food because these make the intellect tamasic and our path goes astray and we go towards misery.Tamasic food includes garlic, onion and non-vegetarian food. It prevents a person from moving towards God and also forces him to do wrong things because by eating Tamasic food, our mind goes towards wrong thoughts. Due to which we start to fall and we do not get everything that we wanted in life, our mind can never concentrate because if we eat Tamasic food then we can never concentrate our mind at one place.And if our mind does not work in the right direction then we can never be successful. This will prove to be the biggest thorn between our success. That is why eating Tamasic food is prohibited in Hindu religion. If If you want to be successful, you will have to control your mind, for this you will have to stay away from unhealthy food, you will also have to give up alcohol, you cannot be successful unless you give up addiction.That is why it is said with great confidence in Hindu religion that if you worship Lord Shiva with a true heart then all your work gets done. If you have faith in Shiva then you have to follow Shiva Mahapuran.

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