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The path that appears easy is never easy, we get flowers of success only on a path full of difficulties. Written by me.

  Hye dear friends, How are you

 I am super mom,🙏 l

 dear friends

 Respected readers and my dear brothers and sisters, today I want to share something from my heart in front of all of you. I have to say this to all of you. For a long time a thought is coming in my heart, which I also shared with my friends.  But still the mind is not lightened, then thought that I should share it with you people and also know the opinion of different people about who thinks. About us domestic working women, who work day and night for their family.  Laughing from morning till evening without asking for anything, sacrificing all happiness, she keeps working 24 hours a day and does not expect anything for herself. Whether to do something for them or not. Yes, I believe that Women’s Day for us,  Mother’s Day comes, but we do not feel any special. This is not our work. I am also a mother, so now I am putting my thoughts in front of you. Just through the post. Now you think, you will get this  How does it feel, my thoughts l thought why not think about yourself a little bit, only for 1 day, rightly no one is going to say, go live your life for 1 day  ‘

 The government has made a festival for us too, Women’s Day, a Mother’s Day, is good, but not more important for me because till date no woman’s day or mother’s day has been more special for me.  Haven’t even wished, or made us feel special, so what’s the point of these festivals, do we get to sit comfortably on Women’s Day or Mother’s Day, or someone else does the work for us, or we  On that day there is no reprimand, do we not have to cook food for the children that we do not have to take care of the house, or do not have to do household chores or someone stops taunting, keep working the same work all day. Just in the morning  From evening work, now I talk to me, hey brother, those who work non-stop from 4:00 am to 11:00 pm are called donkey labor. Like a bull in the fields  Just keep working. Listen to the children from above, fulfill their wishes. Listen to your husband, listen to your mother-in-law, listen to your mother-in-law, listen to her if she is a sister-in-law, her daughter-in-law, then listen to her, listen to her.  Don’t let donkeys rest, although today most women do not get rest.

 People say that Akshay Kumar ji wakes up only at 4:30 in the morning and does jogging, walking, exercise. To keep his body fit, to keep himself fit. Big people don’t  Know what you keep doing. Dieting, to maintain fitness. Until a girl is married, she is fit often, but after getting married, most of the girls get fat, increasing.  I am also a little fat. I thought how to keep myself fit. Sometimes while working, I used to make tea and breakfast in the morning, I used to watch baba ramdev ji’s fitness ideas and exercise him in TV.  And I also see many people exercising. I also feel like doing exercise, but I do not understand one thing, when should I do it, when to jog, when to walk, and how to do it because there is no time  I have l by the time I have time, it is already 11:00 in the night, and how to keep myself fit after eating and drinking at 11:00 pm. There has been a big dilemma in my mind, I don’t understand anything.  It’s incomprehensible. Hey, middle class people like us can’t even go to the gym, where will the time come from


 I have seen most of the women living in the houses, like me, she also gets up at 4:30 to 5:00 and does a lot of work that evening from making tiffin for the kids, preparing them, cooking, breakfast etc.  She keeps on doing it continuously till she is busy in some work, she does not get any time for herself, or even to think about herself, and it is strange to talk about working women who go out to work.  He should do all the household chores and also work outside. Salutations to those women and girls, who take care of the work outside the house as well. For the sake of their family, their better future.  But the workload becomes more. In such a situation, if they do not get time to eat and drink properly, then when should they exercise. What leave do they get on Women’s Day or Mother’s Day from every work.  Whether from home work or outside work. If this day was special, if someone made them feel special, then women also change history. Many times, on the day of Women’s Day or Mother’s Day, I thought that there is someone for us women.  Why should be given to a special mother who does a lot for the family or who works very hard for her family, or who really deserves it, she must get this award. That’s why we realized how much  I work, if I had such an award, I would have been so proud of myself.

 Sorry, sorry, sorry now I’m not special enough to praise myself. But I can’t think of it, I thought I should organize a super mom show on Mother’s Day and have an award, that means 3 awards  Yes, who gets first, second and third. On that day all women should be off. From every work, on that day, just do something for themselves. In my area, where I live, there for those special women who live in the house.  Whether it is a small work or a big job, there are many working women who do not know how many working women who live far away from their husbands from their families, fulfill their responsibilities for them.  She does a lot while sacrificing all the happiness. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for my family. Because all this is not so easy, Keeping the happiness of your family by staying away is not an easy task. Thousands of difficulties  Even after facing her, whenever she comes in front of her, she expresses as if the happiness of the whole world has been brought in front of her. Smiling herself and hurting the family of others  tries its best to remove the

 Takes care of her family. Takes care of her children or takes care of her mother-in-law. 24 hours from morning to evening, just work, work, no rest, i.e., in the true sense, do not know how many works for her family.  There was a desire to organize a super mom show for him, but then I thought that I do not have that much money. Who else will be the guy who will help me. I do not have that much money and I do not want to take my husband because  He has already given me a lot of money to publish my book, which I have spent in publishing my book. Now I cannot take any money from him anymore and need money to organize any show.  l have done all the arrangements, all the formula is everything, i can manage, but still need funds, so i am silent for a while but i would like to do this show because big people say that our dreams  Eyes see, our heart thinks, and we must have the courage to do what our mind allows us to do and any special woman should have the status of a super mom.  It is my dream to get the cards, only then my mind will be satisfied. According to the quality, according to their ability, supermom will be first. Super mom second and super mom third. I don’t know how this show will happen, but soon I will  I want to fulfill my heart’s desire by doing everything, only then my mind will be satisfied, I will feel that I did all this for myself, even if I do not get the award, but my heart will be very happy.  He supports me, and with women too, he please support me. I don’t know whether it is right or wrong, so please tell that no one should make a mistake with me.

 I don’t want to be a victim of this. I want to do all this because when a woman gets this award, she becomes a special person for the whole house, for the whole street, for her locality. She becomes an example.  And she can even tell her children. She can also tell her future generations that look, I got this award. I was so special. I used to work so much or whatever it is, I would feel special too.  If this happens then people have different opinions. In my view, a mother and her love are nature’s nature. How she takes care of her children. Takes care of the whole family, so in my view it is  He has the right that he should also feel special. He should feel something special. He himself feels something special in front of the people of the street. Feel something special in front of the people of the world, like Miss World, Miss India, Miss Universe does. A supermom is like this  Feel it. I don’t know if there is any such award in the world. Whether it is in the street or not. Just came to my mind and I said, but whatever I say, I do it in small form  But I do and I would like to do. For mothers and sisters. Still, if you don’t like this thing, then you can tell me by commenting.

 I will try my best that I can get such a show done in my area. I know it is often not what we think but it turns out to be the opposite which we would not have expected. We think that we are doing well and  But what happens is what has to happen. What can we do about it?

 I don’t get much time myself. I am busy working whole day from morning till evening. I get time at night. Mostly that’s why I am writing this post at night. Taking time out for all of you, my mind  I am expressing the point, so bitter sour can also be felt by someone, and it can also be good, so forgive me if anyone gets hurt because of me, but I always consider myself a super mom because I  I know how much work I do for my family, for my children and all the mothers of the world, although they are super moms in themselves, but still there should be an award, I have the stubbornness to win it, we moms, just because  I am expressing my views. No particular caste or religion will matter for the show, but only on the talent of the ladies i.e. moms, they will be selected only on the basis of the quality that they will have. I know it is very hard work  Yes, and it is a teamwork work, a person alone cannot do anything, so it will take time but I believe, will be able to do well and I also know that people can also do better than him.  I will think that do something like this. They will probably like my idea, your feedback is very important for me. 

That’s what you think it is a good thing to do this, should it be or notll🙏✍🙏


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