According to the beliefs of our Hindu religion, it is believed in India that that group of seven sages means the group of stars together in the sky, which we all know by the name of Sapta Rishi Mandal. The names are Kashyapa Muni, Atri Muni, Vishwamitra Muni, Vashishtha Muni, Bharadwaj Muni, Gautam Muni Jamadagni Muni, these are the seven sages who make women happy by fasting in Hinduism so that they can protect their family from the pain and suffering caused by planetary defects. This fast, which destroys sins in every way, can keep away, is very popular in Hinduism, this fast of seven sages is supposed to give all kinds of pleasures, women who remove the sins caused by menstruation, this fast is very much It is prevalent that this fast, which gives freedom from every sins, will be celebrated today on Bhadwa Sudi Panchami date by the women and girls of Hindus all over India, it is a belief which is quite popular.

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