This is the first novel written by me, in which I have told that about two special children who are very wonderful and unique in themselves, they can transform themselves into eight types of different forms, it is very mysterious their form. Everything is different, how to help people, how to eat, drink, color, I wrote this story four-five years ago, but for some reason I did not promote it, now I want to tell people about my story once you People must read this story and then what to do, this is a better story than Avatar film, many programs and films can be made, I have not edited it well yet, it is in the right group but I I want to make many more improvements in this that soon its second version will also be present among you i am a big fan of J.K. Rolling mam i have written this story inspired by her. i hope people will like it very much thank you with


My first Novel

Puri Khushboo

My name is Khushboo, live in Rajasthan India, I wish to write many multiple block voice articles, in my blog post, you will find many motivational videos, articles, articles related to health, articles and treatments, many short stories, web stories, multiple, I am going to work across the country. Please follow my post regularly and like it if possible.


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