There is a custom in our India, especially in the Hindu race, that the Shradh Paksha has just been completed, which is a full 16 days, in which food is distributed to the poor and dogs for the sake of ancestors so that our ancestors can be happy and bless us. And in the hope that our wealth and children are protected, we celebrate Shradh Paksha happily.

stomach issue
stomach issue

The Amavasya that has just passed was on the Shradh Paksha. Many people have earned merit by giving grants and must have made their ancestors happy, would have taken blessings. I had also kept the food of 35 people in my house, I was not alone enough to cook that much food, that’s why I called a cook, he was a very old and weak man, I saw him and thought what this person would be able to cook, my relatives I had sent him, I told him to send someone who can help me, seeing that cook in cooking, I thought in my mind that this is the age to rest, why are they taking so much trouble at this age, I asked them that you will cook Is there any medicine for loneliness, there are many people who need this medicine, if you know then tell me

The cook smiled and said hey don’t worry, I will cook the whole meal, bring whatever ingredients I say and keep it with me, whatever things were going to be used for cooking, I brought everything to them and kept them in the kitchen. I also kept the gas stove and the gas cylinder there, the water utensil i.e. all the things to be used were kept there and I myself sat there to help them so that they do not have any problem with me. It was found that he was a 70-year-old man who was not married yet, he keeps feeling very lonely, he told that many times he could not even get food for two times due to lack of work and sometimes he was hungry. Have to sleep it is very less even to make kitchen I would not be able to work, I was getting him to help, in many things he told me a lot about himself in cooking, I was also inside me. I wished that he should tell something about himself, he told that many times I wish that neither I have a wife nor I have children, I do not even go to the people of the family, I do not want to give trouble to anyone, that is why I am alone I live in a small house, a rich kind person has given a room for free for not having a room, which he does not take rent and also gives ₹ 1000 a month so that he does not have to ask for money for tea and water. No other relatives, he was cooking with great speed and in about three-four hours whatever I had asked him to cook, the whole food was ready and he had called people to eat. Were and fed everyone food and then went away I asked the old cook how much money you have to pay, then he clearly refused, don’t give me money, if there is any work, then tell me if I get a little work every day, then I will survive. will go and my mind will also.

I said that I will try that you get a little work every day and even money, I am not too much money to help you, I can feed you sitting or any other work I can help you yes whenever If I or someone in my neighborhood needs a cook, then I will call you, you cook very good food, we will help you, I can also give you ₹ 500 every month, if you take then they refused. He gave him ₹ 1000 to cook food, he also fed him a lot of food, he was saying that nothing happens in life without a family, I do not have a family, I have to do everything alone, from tea, water to laundry, I am alone. I live and my loneliness life seems very bad to me, I pray to God to call me to him as soon as possible, he sometimes thinks that I should hang myself from the fan, but I do not have the courage to live alone. I am upset because of this, I get less money, but if I give some work, I am not getting pension from the government because there are different types of government jobs. They ask for documents which are not with those old babas, they live in a rented house, who do not even have a permanent address, Aadhar card was also not updated and there is no voter ID, very little is equal to literate or illiterate. They do not know where to get the documents made and how to get them made and why someone else will help them by giving their time, nowadays anyway people do not have time for their loved ones, so why give time to others, till now they have not got government pension. Even if I had been able to get it, who would have been with him in illness, he does not want to live in an orphanage or in an old age home, still wants to earn himself and eat, otherwise he says that I will hang and die on the day we will not be able to come. I will go, I explained them a lot and said that it is not wise anywhere, you should not even think like this, this world is very beautiful, as long as you are alive, earn for yourself and be happy, otherwise there are many such NGOs who help me. I know that I can talk to you there, but he flatly refused, now you tell any human No or animals are always incomplete without a partner, there must be someone who cares for us, waits for us, they feel the same way, they are still waiting that there should be someone who cares for them, wait for them, take care of them or Then he himself wants to take care of others, but there is no one who can live with him. There are many people in this world who are alone who are suffering and unhappy. They have no one of their own. To say that their life is also not less than death. They understand that the world is very bad and bloodthirsty, all their happiness is over, I want to ask you guys, what do you guys think that old cooks should do in this state, how should I explain them to a single person? I should be happy like this I have no idea if you like this post then answer yes and no or give your opinion thank you friends

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