This story is very scary, crying and exciting too, how a person helps his family members and his own children after death, whether it is an alien or the person himself who had died, what was the whole matter Read this story and if you like the story then please do comment so that I get inspiration to write more stories.

Kuber who removes the pain and suffering of others
Kuber who removes the pain and suffering of others

He was a resident of Barmer, which comes in India, in the state of Rajasthan, a very poor family, in which apart from a couple, he had 7 daughters, the eldest of whom was 15 years old, the youngest boy, who was at number eight, was only 4 years old. After a lot of expectations, they had a son, everyone in the family was very happy, there was a small temple of God in their house, this temple was decorated with flower garlands and a mandap decorated with different types of artificial flowers and pots. In which the idol of the Goddess was sitting, near the same idol, he went to the market and brought the idol of a Laughing Buddha, who fixes the Fengshui Vastu of China, who used to sit in front of the idol of the goddess and fan her for the whole day. He used to blow air with the hand of that statue, he was a family of poor farmer, used to take care of his family by doing farming, often used to talk to Mataji i.e. the idol of his God, if he had any pain or any problem. If he had to say everything, he would have come and said it in front of that idol of his God, whether it was at 2:00 in the night or 3:00 When he woke up, he came and folded his hands in front of the idol of God and apologized for the mistakes of the whole day. Everyone says that if there can be a soul, then there is also a God. It is my belief that there is a soul and if there is a soul, then there is also a divine and where there is a divine, there are also evil demons with demonic feelings. There are always three enemies who do not think well of him and call him good and bad. It was also the case with that farmer. He used to earn well and was happy with his family. Sweets were also offered, sweets were distributed in the whole village, many people were happy and blessed, then some people’s eyesight was not good, the whole day he was busy working in the fields outside the house. He used to sit for hours and talk a lot as if he is sitting with some human being and sharing his sorrows. Devi Mata used to make Prasad at home, she used to think that Devi Mata is listening to all her prayers and everything, then one day something happened that her 4-year-old son kept Feng Shui near Devi Maa alone. Turning his neck alone, he came near and picked them up, then started playing, then his mother came running and after apologizing, cleaned them with a cloth and placed them near the idol of Mother Goddess, asking for forgiveness many times in the night. Even one or two of his children knew that the idol’s neck used to move here and there, but the husband and wife never believed the words of the children. There was something that they probably did not know. He was going to another village to attend a relative’s wedding, when suddenly he collided with a Bolero while coming and died at the same time.

The family members became very sad, now there was no one to earn in their house, so some people of the village asked for some help on social media. The soul of the farmer could not move away from his house even after his death because it was an untimely death. That soul used to roam around in his house. One day the soul saw that after 11:00 in the night Feng Shui Buddha The statue would come alive and come out of its transparent box in which it was moving its eyes, arms and neck, moving around with its two inch height, it would leave its fields, steal fruits from others’ fields, eat watermelons, papayas, etc. The farmer was watching his antics, he was following him, Feng Shui Alien had not seen the soul, he roamed here and there in the house all night, sometimes he would sit on the fan, sometimes he would climb on the clock, sometimes he would go to bed, sometimes he would go to the kitchen. I used to go and find food and keep it, don’t know why I didn’t eat, then before morning came to my place and was as simple as before. After death the farmer was convinced that his children were saying that he came and shook his neck it was right but now he was not able to do anything he was afraid Was thinking that this thing could also be a dangerous creature that could harm his family, he started thinking about how to get rid of the alien.

He wanted to save his family from that dangerous creature but could not do anything till now. Laughing Buddha comes alive every night after everyone’s sleep and roams here and there, flying in the air, jumping dog, laughing, calling chickens, ducks and birds to play with. He used to perform magic and play with them, used to sit on top of them and watch everyone sleeping and then before the family members woke up, he used to sit in front of the goddess very simply. The worry of the farmer was increasing day by day. What is all happening, after all, what is this thing, he could not understand anything, who is this creature and where did it come from, does it also have a soul like me, and if so, why can’t it see me while I am its soul? Also it happens every now and then one day his son while playing fell into the water tank which is at least 5000 liters made in the ground which has a cover on top of it because there is a lot of water in Barmer Rajasthan. If there is a shortage, people keep water tanks like this so that they can use water whenever they need it throughout the year. No one knew that the child had fallen into the water tank and the soul of the farmer saw that his child had fallen into the water tank and no one knew that he was wandering here and there in the village. I don’t know where and where they are searching but no one is looking in the water tank, if it is too late then his child will die. He himself was not able to save his child under any circumstances. Started praying that save my child right now then that idol of Feng Shui shook his eyes and looked at the soul without saying anything he came out of his cover quickly went to the water tank the farmer’s soul also followed him That 2-inch Laughing Buddha picked up a 3-feet 4-year-old child who weighed at least 17 to 20 kg with his own hands, quickly brought him to the fields and put his finger in his mouth. The water as if climbed into his finger and he took out his finger from his mouth and poured all the water in the fields with the wind and again came to his place and stood in front of the idol of the goddess. I sat down as usual but the farmer kept sitting near his child, after some time his eyes also opened and he came running to his house very wet. His mother saw that he was completely drenched. Mother changed clothes. and asked where were you he told that he had fallen in the water tank but don’t know how when he opened his eyes he was out Not paying much attention everyone went about their work but the farmer again came in front of the idol of mother goddess he looked at Fengshui and said you can see me you can hear me then why don’t you talk to me ignore me why do you ignore why do you ignore us can we be friends are you good you saved my baby’s life thank you so much that feng shui idol gave a slight smile and became normal again this story is very big ahead Read on to know more about the Laughing Buddha statue that did great things and how to rectify the situation. my words To be Continued……

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