Missing for a month and a half

Has this ever happened to you, you have seen in a dream that you are at a place where you have never been before. You have not seen that place in your life till now, yet you go there in dreams, how and why? No one has the answer to this, probably not, has it ever happened to you, when you are not in your house. You have disappeared for 2 months or you are somewhere for more time, then Suddenly you miss your house….


I only remember that I got up and got up I saw my 2 year old baby girl sleeping beside me I picked her up, took her in my lap and I looked around I saw that it was a huge temple three four sadhus slept I was sitting here and there and looking at me which temple it was and how I picked up my child here and walking from there I came a long way and at some distance I saw a beggar with him 110 was a 12 year old little child The beggar said to me hey sister I was going to give this banana to your baby girl when you met me in the market but you came to me in a hurry I thought a lot but I didn’t remember anything I was my husband who had just gone to me saying that he is going to worship, actually my husband does worship work in the temple or should I say he is a priest Baba in Jai Shri Krishna temple and Baba in Ramdev temple Which is the same temple, it is located on Potana road, I was looking for them where did my temple go and in which temple I am because often I am in my house. I go to this temple with children

I ignored the beggar’s words, took a banana from him and went ahead. I don’t know what he was saying. I was frightened thinking here and there searching for my husband and my temple. Where he often worships. ji, brahma ji, I went inside a temple. There I saw that 4 to 5 sadhus were sleeping. Some women who were sadhus were also roaming here and there. I looked around but saw my husband Not given. I came out of the temple because I knew it was not our temple. When I came out and looked in the street, there were many other types of temples. Very big and luxurious, luxurious but no temple like our temple I didn’t see my heart beating faster. I started feeling scared, I had a child in my hand. I saw the sadhus coming and going and then finally I asked a sadhu that brother this Potana road wala baba Where is the temple of Ramdev ji? So that person told that I do not know such a temple and I have never even heard about it, which temple are you talking about? So I said that this is on the side, you must have gone, remember that person said that there is no Potana road here. Sister where are you talking about? I said brother, what is this place after all Where did you suddenly come from? Then he told that this is Alaknanda city. I was scared that I had just left my house a while back, to go to my temple and suddenly from where did Alaknanda come. What is this with me? What is happening? Saw the child in my hand, I had two more children at home who must be waiting for me, so I thought I got more scared.

Indian Temple
Indian Temple

This is the true incident of my life which I am sharing with you. I was very scared that there was no one of my own, neither my family, nor my husband nor I could see my streets, my people or houses. Yes, I didn’t feel anything of my own. I asked fearfully which city it was, then he told that it is Alaknanda. I said that it is okay but when did I come here and how am I just now I was making tea from my house and taking it in a thermos to the temple for my husband, then how did I come here all of a sudden. Thought he said what sister are you talking about? Hey you have been here for about a month and a half, with your baby girl. Then I got more scared. I thought it was to scare me. Also they all told me that you have been here for one and a half months with your baby girl and eat what we give you wear what we give you asked a lot about you but you are not able to tell anything And today suddenly you are saying that I am from there, know the name of your place, you are giving all the information about your husband and your house. Know but you are really with us for one and a half months now if you want to go home then we will make arrangements for you to go do you remember any phone number of your husband or any number of your relative I told me that my very dear Remember the numbers of all the relatives and also remember the phone number of your husband, please call them and then a brother gave me his phone, I dialed my husband’s number on the phone number but The phone was not working, I dialed the numbers of all my relatives but no one was getting the number. So those people started saying that you do not remember the numbers of anyone in your house, you have forgotten. But I am insisting. This is the number of my family members. Relatives also told the address, they said that it is fine but the place you are telling is not there anywhere, I told them that look, you cannot hold me here for a long time, you guys are mine. Why are you doing this together, after all what do you want from me, when and how did I come here, you guys are saying that I am here for one and a half months, then why I do not remember anything, after all, it is not only India, you understand my point You are then how can you say that this place which I am telling my relatives, that place of my village in my house is not here, you people are considering me as a fool, you are thinking crazy. Are you guys how can you do this to me how can you tell me so many lies I have to go to my husband, please send me there, then he said that he will talk to his guru ji and if possible he will send me to my house, now my mind got some peace, Guru ji made me sit in worship and where Look son, this is not India, I got into thinking again, how can these people say that this is not India, then where am I, I asked them, they told that wherever you are we are safe with your child People will try their best that you go to your house, my eyes were opened, my husband was sitting in front, I said that I am here and you are with me, just a while ago there was a Guruji with me, he told me that I am in India I am not alone, tell me how can this happen, then my husband told that when you were bringing tea, you had a small accident Since then you have not regained consciousness equally, you went into a coma and children too, but you have brought both of you back together. And what did I do when something like this happens to us and we are in a state of coma then we are roaming in this galaxy and by mistake we go to the place of our choice where our many days, hours, months or even years We don’t remember anything until someone remembers us with all our true heart or calls or calls us, prays to bring us back, and if we remember something while roaming the galaxy, there we From there we try to come back to our home, insist and the people there also try their best to come back to us and we are able to reunite with our family, there are very few lucky people who come out of coma again Live life, now I am convinced that there will be thousands of earths in your galaxy, thousands of cities will be cities, cities will flow like us There will be many people but we probably don’t have our own family or our family members, so we feel alone, this was my personal experience, how do you feel about the truth or the lie, don’t know how rare this is. But no one will believe, but the truth is the truth, only we know what happened to us, then people believe it or not, it is their choice, people believe only what is seen in front. I do not, so I would not like to stress anyone much, just I told what happened, what I saw, what was my experience, told that everyone is happy after seeing me in front of me, but I have told this incident except my husband and children. Did not tell anyone but today I am telling everyone through my post, now whether believe it or not, what is the reality, what is the reality, that is it, if something like this has happened to you people, then comment me, I am waiting for your comment. I will not remember anything for one and a half months of my life, I just remember that I was going to the temple to give tea to my husband. Both my children had gone to school and I am making tea and taking it for my husband, but I did not know where I had reached and when I woke up, my husband was in front of me, this is the story An accident based on a true incident And there is a reality as if I don’t believe what my husband did in one and a half months, what did both my children do, they had their jobs or they left, how much pain they saw because of me or should I say that what happened to a family because of human beings The one who was driving after drinking alcohol, I get this with folded hands with all of you, please keep in mind that while driving, someone’s family can break even, a lot has happened to us, if you want to go, please comment so that I can tell otherwise I have told what was necessary, now I too have become free mind, you all also know that what happened to me, the burden of my heart has become lighter, maybe I am not the only one in the world with whom I experienced this world I have many more people like me…

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